How We Started

Each one of us joined our ways in this project some time back and we still keep going.While we all, as freelancers, are involved in different projects, here we are one heart and soul to give the best of ourselves. Team mates & friends we work together to capture all the happiness,emotions,beauty,fun,masti and everything else that happens during your event and keep them in your memories forever.For this we use the latest technology plus our vision and commitment to bring the best out of the day.


Ajay Sadhwani

Photographer & Videographer    

He is a perfectionist and photo freak,you will always see him running up and down with his Nikon and a bunch of lenses always trying to tell a story through them.When he is not shooting or editing he loves playing music,eating pizza and lots of salads.

Jyoti Sadhwani

Photographer & Editor    

She is spontaneous,sensitive,creative and also the second shooter. You will see her directing the team and taking care of all the small details.If you allow her she will even make you dance and do funny things to remember when you feel down.After the event she also takes care of the editing part.To disconnect from work she loves making delicious cakes and other yummy stuff.(the rest of the team really appreciates this hobby of her).


Editor & Videographer    

He is our young and talented master editor.Always working against time,he does gymming every morning to stay fit the full day.His best friend´s name is Mac and he assures that he accompanies him wherever he goes.When he finds some free time he gets involved in other projects as an actor or directing short movies.

Shashwat Saxena


He is our favorite camera man,best student of his class and born with an artistic eye for cinema.He also works as our security guard when things get tough.When he is not shooting you can find him riding his bike across the country, making new friends (specially female) and trying all types of cuisines.